L-042 Comparison of Existing Test Procedures for Bullet, Fragment and Shaped Charge Jet Impact

October 1997
Rodrigue Boulay (Mitigation Methods)

Paper prepared for Phase II of the NIMIC Workshop on IM Testing

This report is the continuation of the work undertaken during Phase 1 of the NIMIC Workshop on IM Testing during which the existing test procedures for Fast Heating, Slow Heating and Sympathetic Reaction were reviewed. As a result of this review, new test procedures incorporating the best elements of the existing procedures were suggested. This document will concentrate upon the existing test procedures dealing with the impact phenomena associated with bullet, fragment and shaped charge jet. These test procedures will be discussed during Phase 2 of the NIMIC Workshop on IM Testing. This paper should be read in conjunction with the NIMIC IM Testing Approach for Phase 2 (J. FitzGerald-Smith and A. Sanderson).