L-041 IM TESTING Volume II: Group Discussions, Conclusions and Annexes from Phase I of the NIMIC IM Testing Workshop held 20-23 May 1997 at the NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium

October 1997

This document contains part of the proceedings of the NIMIC Workshop on IM Testing. This workshop is being held in two separate phases. Phase 1 addressed the procedures dealing with Fast and Slow Heating and Sympathetic Reaction and was held at NATO Headquarters on 20-24 May 1997. Phase 2 will address the procedures dealing with Bullet, Fragment and Shaped Charge Jet Impact and will be held in Adelaide, Australia, on 17-20 November 1997.

The proceedings of the workshop will be published as five separate volumes. Volume 2 deals exclusively with the IM Tests for Fast Heating, Slow Heating and Sympathetic Reaction. It provides the reader with an unaltered version of the groups' discussions as they occurred during the workshop. The reader is advised that the conclusions and recommendations from this workshop are based upon the opinion of the participants. They should not be considered as having been nationally or internationally endorsed.

The aim of the workshop is to write guidance on full scale IM testing in order to improve confidence in and achieve international acceptability and broader applicability of test results. Five working groups were formed, each with a specific agenda. They concentrated their efforts in the following areas: developing a testing protocol (Group 1); assessing the explosiveness data (Group 2); standardizing full scale test methods (Group 3); reviewing the response descriptors (Group 4); and selecting best full scale test procedures (Group 5).

The details of the discussions and the conclusions and recommendations are presented in Volume 2 of the proceedings. Volume 2 also has several annexes which contain complementary information that was either presented at or prepared for the workshop. Volume 1 and 2 of the proceedings contains all the documents and information that was generated as a result of the first phase of the NIMIC Workshop on IM Testing which dealt with Fast Heating, Slow Heating and Sympathetic Reaction test procedures.