L-040 IM TESTING Volume I: Presentations made at Phase I of the NIMIC IM Testing Workshop held 20-23 May 1997 at the NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium

June 1997
Ian Barnes (UK MoD) , NIMIC Staff

In the interest of providing immediate information resulting from Phase 1 of this workshop, NIMIC presents Volume I of the IM Testing Workshop covering Slow Heating, Fast Heating and Reaction of Adjacent Munition. This volume contains copies of all presentations made during the plenary session in the first part of the workshop and presentations given during the working group sessions, plus a list of the participants and their backgrounds. Finally, it includes an executive summary of the workshop and the working group conclusions.

Volume II of this phase of the workshop will follow and will include the detailed discussions and conclusions of the working groups, any remarks by NIMIC plus a further executive summary. In addition, this volume will incorporate copies of the following papers and documents prepared by NIMIC prior to Phase 1: IM Testing Response Descriptions (NIMIC-PT-072-97), NIMIC IM Testing Approach (NIMIC-IB-147-97), An Introduction to the NIMIC Workshop (NIMIC-IB-146-97), An Evaluation and Comparison of Current International and National Testing Full Scale Testing Procedures, A Glossary of Terms for the IM Testing Workshop, the Working Groups Agendas with Questions and Issues for each group and a summary of responses and questions from the IM List Server.