L-036v2 Cookoff and XDT Mechanisms Workshop Proceedings, Vol. 1 (Rev.) - Presentations; Vol. 2 - Group Discussions, Conclusions and Annexes

April 1997
Benjamin B. Stokes III (Propulsion Design), Andrew Sanderson (Energetic Materials) , Patrick Kernen (Explosive Effects)

Volume II contains a general description of the workshop and documents the discussions, conclusions and recommendations resulting from each of the three splinter groups on cookoff and one on XDT. Volume II also contains an improved draft (Annex F) of the tabulated descriptions of many of the laboratory devices used to conduct cookoff studies in the NIMIC member nations. Because of the potential utility of this information, this Annex will be further refined at a later date, proofed by its contributors and eventually published as a separate document.

All of the presentations made at the workshop were published in Volume I, with the exception of a paper given by R. Behrens on "The Importance of Mononitroso Analogs of Cyclic Nitramines to the Assessment of the Safety of Propellants and Explosives", which arrived after the first Volume had gone to the printer. Behrens' paper was thus sent unbound in the initial distribution of Volune 1 as loose pages. Since that time, Volume I (including contents notation) has been modified to include the Behren paper and Volume I is now designated as "Volume I(Revised)".