L-035 The Hazard Analysis methods in the civilian sector to aid threat hazard assessments for munitions

November 1996
Patrick Kernen (Explosive Effects)

NIMIC organised on August 23 back-to-back with the DDESB seminar a specialists' meeting entitled "THE THREAT HAZARD ANALYSIS METHODS IN THE CIVILIAN SECTOR TO AID THREAT HAZARD ASSESSMENT FOR MUNITIONS" in order to define the best approach to streamline the methods used for assessing the threats and hazards munitions are subjected to during all the phases of their lives. The 47 participants from 6 NIMIC nations (Australia, Canada, France, Norway, UK, US) decided that it was necessary to pursue additional contacts with the civilian sector because not many representatives from the civilian sector took part to the meeting. Milestones in the next 18 months to achieve the main objective have been suggested, in particular the solving of several questions at the national standpoint under the guidance of "THA focal points", the evaluation of the exercise after 9 months and depending on its outcome, the organization by NIMIC of a workshop in the spring 1998.