L-033 Proceedings of the Shaped Charge Jet Impingement on Energetic Materials and Munitions

August 1996
Patrick Touzé (Detonics and Terminal Ballistics), NIMIC Staff

This document contains the proceedings of the NIMIC Workshop entitled "Shaped Charge Jet Impingement on Energetic Materials and Munitions". The Workshop, held 6-10 May 1996 at the RMCS Shrivenham, England, UK, covered the following topics:

  • Threat Hazard Assessment   
  • Modelling and Testing   
  • Mitigation Methods for Shaped Charge Jet Impingement   
  • Shaped Charge Jet Impact Hazard Protocol

These proceedings contain the papers presented at the Workshop, results of the working groups and subsequent analysis by the NIMIC Staff.

They conclude a serie of three documents dedicated to this workshop, the first two being a litterature survey and a technical analysis of the documents mentioned in this survey.