L-026 Survey of Works on XDT Mechanisms (Period 1992-1995)

February 1996
Patrick Kernen (Explosive Effects)

This document compiles abstracts of works carried out in the recent period of 1992-1995 in the field of XDT mechanisms, in particular, modeling, testing and in some cases, mitigation solutions. They have been retrieved from the NIMIC database that consists in 20,000 documents, as of early 1996. Some of them relate in particular to one of the three recent workshops relating to XDT in the last 3 years by NIMIC, KTA 4/20 and ARL, entitled respectively "Sensitivity of Fractured or Granular Energetic Materials" (July 1993), "Cookoff/Delayed Detonation Technology" (April 1995), and "Energetic Material Ignition Micromechanics" (July - August 1995) or to the TTCP efforts on "Bullet/Fragment Impact" conducted in the period 1989-1994.