L-024 Proceedings of the Sympathetic reactions between munitions Workshop

December 1995
Patrick Kernen (Explosive Effects) , NIMIC Staff

This document contains the proceedings of the 3-day NIMIC Workshop on Sympathetic Reactions Between Munitions held at GIAT Industries, Versailles, France on 13-16 June 1995.

In the proceedings are detailed summaries of the Working Group discussions which addressed the following five specific topics:

  1. Threat Hazard Assessment  
  2. Modeling of Sympathetic Detonation/Explosion  
  3. Mitigation Recipes for Sympathetic Detonation/Explosion  
  4. Propagation of Combustion Between Munitions  
  5. Protocols

Also recorded are detailed conclusions and recommendations covered by each of the Working Groups and suggestions for future collaborative work between the NIMIC nations.

The report includes the background discussions paper prepared by NIMIC, the visual aids used during the Working Group discussions, papers or reconstructed synopses of the 32 overview reports and technical presentations given by participants during the workshop.