L-011 Proceedings of the 1993 NIMIC Workshop on Cookoff

November 1993
Jason deW FitzGerald-Smith (Warhead Design) , Patrick Kernen (Explosive Effects) , Benjamin B. Stokes III (Propulsion Design)

The NATO Insensitive Munitions Information Center (NIMIC) held a three-day workshop on Cookoff at NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium on 23-25 June 1993. Fifty specialists, including the NIMIC staff and delegates from the NIMIC participating nations (CA, FR, NL, UK and US), attended the meeting. This document contains the Proceedings. In this Proceedings are detailed discussions and summaries of the Working Groups who addressed the following four specific aspects relating to Cookoff:

  1. Threat Hazard Scenarios for Cookoff Acceptance Testing  
  2. Mechanistic Understanding and Modelling of Cookoff  
  3. Mitigation, Detection and Suppression Devices  
  4. A Cookoff Protocol

Also included are visual aids and reconstructed synopses of the 36 Technical Presentations given by participants during the Workshop. Finally, the document records detailed conclusions and recommendations covered by each of the Working Groups and suggests proposals for future collaborative works between the NIMIC nations.