L-009 A Compilation of New Formulations for Insensitive Munitions

May 1994
Marc Défourneaux (Project Manager) , Andrew J. Sanderson (Energetic Materials)

The field of this compendium is restricted to those formulations which are possible candidates to Insensitive Munitions (IM). This may appear narrow at first view but unlike many other compilations, this one covers all possible uses of energetic formulations in IM: solid and liquid gun propellants, solid rocket propellants and solid high explosives for all types of applications. In addition, instead of being limited to qualified formulations, it lists many formulations which are still in the study phase and which, in many cases, will never reach the qualification stage. It even includes a few declared failures, because for researchers, failures may be just as instructive as successes.

These features clearly demonstrate the purpose of this compendium, which is to provide the scientists in the NIMIC member nations with a research tool. This tool consists of data sheets (bilingual, each of them covering one single formulation or several related ones) grouped under three headings "Gun Propellants", "Rocket Propellants" and "High Explosives", with a general presentation for each group. When fully completed, these data sheets will contain most of the data of current use, but for research purposes, it will be necessary to consult case by case the documents referenced.

This full completion of the data-sheets is far from being achieved in this first edition, which is to be considered the first step of an iterative process and which still contains a number of blanks:

  • missing data within the existing data sheets (especially in the "Sensitivity" section, which is more difficult to standardize than the "Performance" section);
  • missing data sheets (formulations not listed);
  • and the whole of Chapter II "Rocket Propellants".

However, even when the present blanks are filled, other data and other formulations will come out, so the process will continue over the years. This is why an annual updating of the whole document is anticipated, relying on the contributions of the users. To this end, NIMIC wishes to receive all possible additions and/or corrections which the users may find necessary. The easiest method is:

  • for the creation of a new data sheet, to copy the blank model (pages I.9 and III.9) provided in each group and send it to NIMIC duly filled;
  • for the modification of an existing data sheet, to copy it and send it to NIMIC with additions or corrections (preferably in red).

Most of the data listed come from open literature, hence the individual marking "Unclassified" on most of the data sheets. But it was considered that the concentration of all these data into one document justified an overall classification "Confidential".


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