L-005 Proceedings of the 1992 NIMIC Workshop on Bullet/Fragment Impact

November 1992

The NATO Insensitive Munitions Information Center (NIMIC) held its first Workshop on Bullet/Fragment Impact on munitions at NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium on June 9-11, 1992. Forty specialists, including the NIMIC staff and delegates from the NIMIC participating nations (CA, FR, NL, UK and US), attended the 3 day meeting. The participants represented expertise in ballistic impacts from a total of 24 organizations including 7 from private industry. This workshop was the first of a series organized by the NATO Insensitive Munitions Information Center (NIMIC) to promote the interchange of information among the participating nations of NIMIC on various technical subjects associated with the requirements, testing and assessment of insensitive munitions.

NIMIC Workshop objectives during the 3 days were:

  • To be able to couple generic tests and simulation models associated with bullet/fragment impact threats.  
  • To identify improvements and gaps in test data and simulation models of bullet and fragment impact. Improvements which will be addressed at a later NIMIC sponsored workshop.  
  • To provide a forum within NIMIC membership for conducting in-depth technical exchanges of ideas, performance evaluations and critiques of IM threat simulation/ordnance response modeling, and participating in discussions of testing to assess IM characteristics of ordnance devices.  
  • To establish the initial ground work for accomplishing the future transition of the current TTCP/WAG-11 committee responsibility for hazard protocols to NIMIC so that Protocol activities can be continued under the guidance of NIMIC.

As a general rule, these objectives were met, as shown by the comments written by the participants, who almost unanimously agreed that NIMIC should organize other similar workshops in the future. Now, these comments also made case by case restrictions which were fully justified, and which must help NIMIC to improve the organization of these future workshops.


Compte Rendu de l'atelier du NIMIC sur les Impact de Balles/Eclats (1992)

Cet atelier est le premier d'une série qu'organise le Centre OTAN d'information sur les munitions risque atténué (NIMIC) en vue de promouvoir les échanges d'informations entre ses pays membres sur divers sujets techniques relatifs aux spécifications, aux essais et à l'évaluation des munitions à risque atténué.

Le fait de présenter les exposés et comptes rendus de débats de l'atelier n'implique pas, de la part du NIMIC ou des ministères de la défense de ses pays membres, le cautionnement des idées émises, de l'exactitude des faits décrits ou des contributions, quelles qu'elles soient