Procurement Q1-2012

France procures naval ammunition from Diehl ( -06/02/2012)


Diehl Defence received an order from France regarding the delivery of modern naval ammunition. It is a refined variant of the 76mm x 636 naval ammunition for OTO Melara guns. It will be deployed on the newest frigates FREMM and HORIZON of the French Navy. Differing from the previous designs, the new 76mm ammunition deploys insensitive explosives preventing self-detonation of the ammunition if exposed to enemy fire or fire on the vessel thus increasing the crew´s safety.

Nexter Inks Multiyear Ammo Pact with French MoD ( - 20/01/2012)

Nexter Munitions has signed a multiyear contract worth an initial 138 million euros ($178 million) with the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) procurement office to develop and produce large caliber ammunition. The first tranche order is worth 138 million euros, with conditional tranches.

Under the contract, Nexter will be responsible for development, qualification and production of 100mm shells for the Navy, and 105mm, 120mm and 155mm for the Army, with delivery in stages to 2019.

The contract reflected a response to the operational needs of the forces, based on recent lessons learned.

The orders covers development and qualification of 155/52-caliber illumination and smoke shells, supply of modular charges for Caesar artillery, supply of explosive 120mm cartridges for the Leclerc tank, and 105mm practice cartridges for AMX 10RC armored vehicles. The deal also restarts production of 100mm cartridges for the French Navy.


Raytheon Awarded UK MOD Paveway IV Replenishment Contract ( – 03/04/2012)

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded Raytheon UK a replenishment contract for Paveway IV, the latest generation GPS precision-guided munition, as part of a 60 million pound contract. Raytheon UK is focused on a technological growth path which, under the UK MOD's SPEAR (Selective Precision Effects at Range) CAP 1 program, will enhance the system's capability with low collateral and penetrator warhead options, enhanced moving target capability and enhanced range.

The Paveway IV weapon system provides a low-cost, day-or-night, all-weather, general purpose precision bombing capability. Compared with standard 500-pound class weapons, the Paveway IV include: insensitive munition warhead with increased penetration; delayed arming to minimize collateral damage and GPS anti-jam resistance via inertial-only guidance mode. Paveway IV warhead is close to BLU‑111 (PBXN-109 with RS-RDX). It should exhibit a type V reaction in slow cook-off, fast cook-off, bullet impact and fragment impact but should detonate in sympathetic reaction configuration.

Paveway IV is integrated onto the Tornado GR4, Eurofighter Typhoon and the Joint Combat Aircraft.


Paveway IV Loaded on a RAF Harrier GR.Mk 9A at Kandahar in 2009



EXPAL will build a Center of Excellence in Propulsion Research and Development in Murcia ( – 30/01/2012)

EXPAL, MAXAM’s principal defence business unit, will invest over three million euros in order to construct a Center of Excellence in Propulsion Research and Development at the Fuente Alamo (Murcia) Technology Park. These R&D facilities, the first of their kind in southern Europe, will be devoted to developing innovative new applications for this material, including propellants that generate less smoke; nitrocellulose pods; low vulnerability compositions; and rocket motors for missiles and both low and medium range launchers.

EXPAL will invest over 3 M€ in the Center of Excellence for Propellants in order to ensure its status as a highly equipped research facility. Researchers will work together with experts in the field within the Center, where they will conduct development investigations and direct the trial sessions that are required prior to the full production and industrialization of new products.