MSIAC IM Award Winners 2013


To acknowledge and encourage progress and achievements in Insensitive Munitions technology and Munitions Safety, MSIAC again presented Awards for IM and MS excellence at the 2013 NDIA IM/EM Technology Symposia. 

The 2013 Award for Technical Achievement was presented to Dr Philip Pagoria, from the US Lawrence Livermore National Labs based on his significant contributions to research and engineering.   His award nomination primarily cited his synthesis accomplishments on LLM-105, a highly insensitive explosive.  In addition to synthesis of LLM-105, Dr Pagoria has worked to transition the technology to the next level; further developed the synthesis, scale up and production of the material.

There were two awards presented this year for Career Achievement.  This award recognizes Individual who have made consistent contributions in research, engineering, production, procurement, fielding, standardization, policy, etc. related to MS, over an extended period.   Each of these nominees are eminently qualified for this award.

The first award was presented to Dr Pai Lu.  This award recognises his significant technical contributions over the last 45 years while his nomination referenced some 60 papers and publications. His work is widely referenced and ranges across the fields of propellants, explosives, less vulnerable munitions design, and vulnerability / IM testing.

The second Career Achievement award went to Mr Ken Graham.   Sadly, more of his peers could not be at the conference this year to witness Ken in a once-in-a-lifetime state of “speechlessness” upon winning the award.  His nomination cited some 60 IM and MS publications Ken produced after he was award the NIMIC IM award in 1999. The award recognizes his enthusiastic and vital contributions to the IM and MS community for over 40 years. 

Please join us as we congratulated and thank each of these gentlemen for their exceptional support to our community.   Further, MSIAC and the Steering Committee would like to thank all those that took the effort to recognize the hard work and commitment of others by submitting nominations, and in particular all those who were the subject of a nomination.