Energetic Materials Compendium (EMC) v5.0

Over the course of this year the infrastructure to EMC has been upgraded to the current web standards. The upgrades have been carried out to allow greater flexibility in the future. It now has the same look and feel as our other online tools such as AIMS and MTM.


After a period of beta testing EMC v5.0 was launched on our servers at the end of September. The overhaul of EMC allows for easier upgrades and smoother operation of functionality, navigation, searching and finding information. We have added some new sub-tabs to the main menu including News and Help for ease of use.

During the year we have also added more data from the open literature resulting in more information within our 1300 Formulations and 690 Components.

Due to the infrastructure upgrade we will now be able to implement some new features.  At the start of 2017 a new side-by-side comparison tool (for both formulations and components) will be launched (v.5.2), greater search capability for the components and an environmental specific search.

If you have any thoughts or comments on the current version of EMC please let us know and provide us with your feedback by emailing me: m.andrews@msiac.nato.int

Would you like access to EMC?

Fill out the access request form on our website using the link below. After completing the form, your country’s National Focal Point Officer (NFPO) will review your submission. If approved, MSIAC will then provide you with a username and password to access EMC and any other authorised tool.

EMC v5.0 Home Page

Component Fiche Layout