Benefits of IM: Stokes Fellow Project

On the 29th of February we will welcome Ben Keefe from the UK as the new Stokes fellow. After obtaining his master degree in Explosives Ordnance Engineering from Cranfield University, Ben was involved in various projects for the UK MoD (Explosives Safety Cell, Strategic Weapons Project Team, Defence Ordnance Safety Group – Risk Assessment). His last project was at Roxel, where he assisted with the development of multiple rocket motors whilst also undertaking research into Resonant Acoustic Mixing of inert propellants.

At MSIAC Ben will work with Martijn van der Voort (TSO Safety of Ammunition Storage and Transport) on the benefits of IM.  For the introduction of IM it is important to explore the impact over all phases of the ammunition life cycle. A literature study will reveal available experimental data on IM response in various threat scenarios. Next, the project will focus on modeling the reduced explosion effects in scenarios with IM as compared to conventional ammunition. For this purpose state of the art explosion effects models and software will be employed for blast, fragmentation and structural debris. We are thankful that the Klotz Group Engineering Tool was made available for the analysis of the break-up behavior of storage structures within this project. Further attention will be given to the operational impact of IM. After this 6 month project, the aim is to present the work at relevant meetings and symposia.