AOP-15 Survey

In accordance with the required review cycle, a Custodial Working Group (CWG) has been formed under AC/326 SG/B to undertake a review of AOP-15 Edition 3 (Guidance On The Assessment Of The Safety And Suitability For Service Of Non-Nuclear Munitions For NATO Armed Forces).
As agreed by the AC/326 SG/B AOP-15 Update CWG, MSIAC have developed this survey to better understand:
  • How AOP-15 is currently used by the Nations, and how it fits into their S3 assessment processes
  • What the Nations believe the scope and content of AOP-15 ought to be
The results of this survey will be used by the CWG to inform the review of AOP-15. We encourage all those involved in the S3 assessment of munitions to contribute.
Any question regarding this survey or related comments can be directed to Matt Ferran (MSIAC TSO Munition Systems):
Timing: In order to allow time for analysis of results before the Fall 2020 AC/326 SG/B meeting, it is requested that responses to this survey are provided by 31st August 2020.
Please follow the hyperlink below to access the questionnaire: