Technical Meeting: Energetic Material Qualification

DGA, Balard, Paris
06 December 2022 to 07 December 2022

MSIAC are hosting a Technical Meeting for government attendees on the topic of energetic material qualification. The meeting will discuss the concerns and issues surrounding energetic material qualification both now and into the future.

In 2019 MSIAC hosted an initial technical meeting in relation to energetic material qualification with representatives from member nations’ governments; the following topics were discussed: testing and acceptance criteria, the importance of EMQ, data sharing and exchange, mutual acceptance as well as any perceived problems and issues with the EMQ process. In September 2022 MSIAC hosted representatives from industry and commercial organizations to understand their thoughts, concerns and ideas with regards to EMQ. MSIAC wish to continue the discussions with governments building on the start made in 2019 and the output from the technical meeting with industry earlier this year; the output from this Technical Meeting will be used to inform future discussions within the MSIAC member nations, their governments and the NATO AC/326 SG/A community; with the aim of improving energetic material qualification for both governments and their industrial partners.

It has been decided that the meeting will take place in physical form and will be hosted by the DGA in Paris and no virtual attendance will be possible.

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The meeting will bring together representatives involved with the qualification of energetic materials.
Discussions will cover:
  • National Industrial concerns
  • Data exchange
  • Processes and procedures
  • Time constraints
  • Intellectual Property
  • Changes to methodology
  • Assurance
MSIAC will gather the information and provide an anonymised report that can be accessed by relevant bodies i.e. NATO, national government and non-government bodies, etc.
Attendance limited to government personnel only (or representatives of).
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