Martijn van der Voort

Martijn (NL) joined MSIAC on 1 October 2015 as the TSO for Munitions Safety, Transport and Storage. 

After he obtained his MSc in Applied Physics at the University of Technology Delft in 2001, Martijn started his professional career as a scientist and project manager at TNO. He managed a broad range of projects related to explosives safety, risk analysis, counter IED, and forensic analysis, for the Dutch Ministry of Defence and the European Union.

Martijn was responsible for the development of Risk-NL, the Dutch software code for Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) of ammunition storage. Also he was a key player in the development of the Klotz Group Engineering Tool (KG-ET) for the prediction of debris thrown from storage structures and the risk assessment method described in the NATO field storage manual AASTP-5. Martijn participates in a number of international expert groups on explosives safety and risk modelling, e.g. NATO AC/326 SGC and the AASTP-4 Custodian Working Group.  Martijn has published 6 reviewed articles and over 30 research papers at various symposia. 

Munitions Transport and Storage Safety TSO
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