O-104 Review of the May 2005 MSIAC/Finnish Defence forces Sponsored Workshop on the Effects of ageing on Insensitive Munitions

November 2005
Duncan Watt (Energetic Materials)

The effect of ageing upon reduced vulnerability energetic materials and related Insensitive Munitions (IM) technologies is of great interest throughout the MSIAC (formerly called NIMIC) nations. As more IM systems are developed and introduced into service, a greater understanding is required in many key areas related to ageing including:

  • Critical Ageing Mechanisms for degradation of reduced vulnerability energetic materials and IM technologies
  • Suitable tools to monitor these changes including the use of non-destructive testing, in-built sensors and data logging systems.
  • Ability for use of modeling and simulation to predict the ageing of materials and what is their subsequent response to threat stimuli
  • The effect of age induced changes in materials properties upon IM performance
  • Suitable S3 and surveillance methodologies for IM systems
  • Cost benefit analysis of IM systems across the life cycle

In response to requests from its member nations, the NATO Munition Safety Information Analysis Centre (MSIAC) held a workshop on Insensitive Munitions The Effect of Ageing Upon Lifecycle in May 2005, with the principal aim being to produce a report on the current knowledge in this area.

This paper will provide an open review of this MSIAC ageing workshop. It will also provide reference to further sources of information in this area including the proceedings and review emanating from this workshop.

Presentation & publication details: 
This paper was presented at PARARI 2005 held in Melbourne, Australia on 8-10 November 2005