O-082 Initial Version Energetic Materials for Insensitive Munitions Suppliers Catalogue

April 2003
Lt Robert Elphick, Royal Australian Navy Dr Michael W. Sharp (Energetic Materials)

NIMIC is often asked to provide information on suppliers of energetic materials with IM potential. To help the IM community we have put together a catalogue of suppliers of energetic ingredients and formulations. To create the document, NIMIC contacted suppliers and requested information in the following areas:

a. Company details

b. Company point(s) of contact and contact details

c. Brief summary of IM manufacturing experience

d. Ingredients and formulations (fillers, plasticisers polymers, others) produced, quantity limitations and availability. In particular, data on new ingredients was requested.

Seven companies responded to our request and their information has been added. However, we recognise the document is incomplete; clearly there are many companies missing. To address this, we will add new information as it becomes available and will release new versions when and as required. Any company wishing to include their details or amend their section can contact NIMIC at the address below.