L-187 Through-life environmental assessment

A case study of Composition-B and PBXN-109

January 2018
Rebecca StonhillDr Matthew Andrews
This report will provide MSIAC member nations with a methodology to help assess the toxicological and environmental impact associated with using munitions. The scope of the study was limited to assessment of high explosive (energetic) constituent‗s; the metal or plastic components, casings, or containers was not considered. Conclusions are transferable to other energetic materials in complex weapon systems such as fuels and pyrotechnics. Environmental impact must consider both the immediate and long term effects, as well as the sources, pathways, and receptors. These are analysed to provide an understanding of the through-life impact of choosing one composition over another. PBXN-109 and Composition B were chosen as typical and broad-reaching energetics on which to base this study.

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