L-144 Munitions Safety and Standardization Database (MSAS) User Manual

July 2008
Vebjörn Hanssen (NO) Bo Stokes Fellow

MSAS is a complex tool. This user manual is not a guide but gives a brief explanation on how to use MSAS. The users will have to spend some time finding their own way through it and learn by experience.

This is intended to help users understand who is doing what within the NATO organisation and help them understand and implement NATO standards and eventually make munitions safer.

Another goal is to help NATO working groups and their members and other munitions related working groups to see the big picture of who is doing what in the different groups and eventually prevent “stove piping”.

MSAS covers the NATO organisation groups/working groups and standards, which are related to munitions and munitions safety.

A lot of work has gone into collecting all the relevant NATO standards and categorising them into levels and sub-levels to make the MSAS Taxonomy easier to use.

Additionally, all standards, NATO STANAGS and APs (Allied Publications) are linked into a reasonably easy to understand Matrix.