L-007e Ballistic Impacts on Munitions - Sensitivity of Energetic Materials when Fractured or Granular (Survey of Recent Works 1987-1992)

April 1993
Marc Défourneaux (Project Manager)

This survey compiles, arranges and analyses a number of documents issued between 1987 and 1992 on two germane topics:

  • ballistic impacts on energetic materials and munitions (i.e. the impact and penetration of bullets, fragments, shaped charge jets or other projectiles) and the thresholds and criteria for the subsequent initiation of a reaction (combustion, deflagration or detonation);
  • the fracture behavior of energetic materials subjected to impact, the subsequent initiation of combustion or deflagration in these materials (and in granular materials, which present a similar behavior and have been more largely studied), and the evolution of this initial reaction (flame spreading in the surface area generated, pressure buildup, DDT).

The fraction of the survey relative to the first topic updates a previous survey done in 1992 as a preparation to a NIMIC workshop on bullet and fragment impact on munitions. The fraction of the survey relative to the second topic is done as a preparation to a NIMIC workshop on the sensitivity of fractured or granular energetic materials, to be held in July 1993.

All references are presented with abstracts. They are assembled by nations, by working teams within each nation (with the addresses of these teams, and whenever possible with phone and FAX numbers of contact points), and by elementary topics within each working team. Each document is also indexed with a set of descriptors. A compilation by descriptors allows to search documents by topics. (230 references).