Publications (Technical Reports)

  • O-203 An International Review of the Sympathetic Reaction Test

    December 2018

    This document describes the results of an international review of the STANAG 4396 related to the sympathetic reaction test. The purpose of this test is to provide a standard test procedure to assess the potential for a munition to sympathetically react to the initiation of an adjacent munition.

    Dr. Ernest L. Baker
  • O-197 Gap Test And Critical Diameter Calculations And Correlations

    October 2018

    The Munitions Safety Information and Analysis Center (MSIAC) has developed a number of safety related computational tools, including NEWGATES (New Excel Worksheets on GAp TESts) [1] which is a large data base and computational tool for gap test data.
    Dr. Ernest L. BakerVincent PouliquenMaxime VoisinDr. Matthew Andrews
  • L-227 Probabilistic Aspects Of Munition Initiation Due To Fragment Impact

    October 2018

    A probabilistic analytic model of initiation for the Insensitive Munitions (IM) Fragment Impact test was developed. The deterministic Jacobs-Roslund detonation initiation model was augmented to include impact point offset and projectile tilt against a curved munition case. This augmenta

    Christiaan Leibbrandt
  • L225 – IEMRM Detailed Programme and abstracts incl Annex E

    September 2018

    MSIAC is organizing a workshop titled “Improved Explosives and Munitions Risk Management” (IEMRM). This workshop seeks to exploit an improved understanding of munitions vulnerability and consequences to deliver improvements in explosives and munitions risk management.

  • O-178 Review of Munitions Safety Processes within MSIAC Nations

    September 2018

    This Study was agreed by the MSIAC Steering Committee (SC) to support their need to have access to an independent, comparative review of approaches to Ageing and Life Assessment of Munitions across a representative number of (MSIAC) nations.  The expected benefits of the study included:&nb
    Martin Pope