Publications (Technical Reports)

  • O-189 Lifecycle of a Flare Countermeasure

    July 2018

    Traditionally countermeasure flares have been manufactured from a mixture of Magnesium, Teflon® and Viton® (MTV). Unrivalled in their high temperature output, they have protected aircraft for almost 50 years.

    Rebecca Millar, MSIAC Stokes Fellow (2018)
  • L-222 Life Assessment of NC Based Energetic Materials

    June 2018

    Nitrocellulose (NC), with its variable energetic content, solubility with energetic and non-energetic plasticisers, and formation of structural materials, makes it a very versatile material.

    Dr Matthew AndrewsChristelle ColletRebecca Millar (Stokes Fellow 2018)Emmanuel Schultz (Eurenco)
  • O-190 Qualification and Energetic Materials Challenges

    April 2018

    As part of energetic material qualification, this paper will review recent discussions with respect to the required parameters for modeling energetic materials, the methodology required in acquiring these parameters, the current processes that demand experimentation, and what is still needed to b

    Dr Matthew AndrewsWade Babcock
  • O-184 Ageing and mechanical damage of munition materials

    April 2018

    The Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) is preparing a report that collects the most common age-induced degradation mechanisms, as they pertain to the most common materials applied to munition systems.
    Wade G. Babcock
  • O-191 Reaction Mechanisms for Rocket Motors

    April 2018

    Rocket motors are designed to propel payloads towards their final destination by ejecting hot gases through a nozzle. The gases are produced by the combustion of fuel and oxidizers which can be either separated (hybrid combustion) or embedded into each other (gun propellant, propellant grain).

    Christelle Collet
  • O-192 Mitigation Technologies for Propulsion Applications

    April 2018

    During the last decades, strong efforts have been made by the IM community to decrease the reaction level of munitions when submitted to standardized tests considered representative of operational threats such as fast and slow heating, bullet and fragment impacts, sympathetic reaction and shaped

    Christelle ColletMaud Cheneau (DGA Landing System)Emmanuel Schultz (EURENCO France)