Publications - Propulsion Technology

  • L-235 IEMRM Focus Area 2C: External Blast

    March 2019

    This document summarizes output from the External Blast Focus Area breakout session 2C of the MSIAC Improved Explosives and Munitions Risk Management workshop held in Granada, 10th to 14th September 2018.

    Christelle Collet (MSIAC)Martijn van der Voort (MSIAC)Emmanuel Lapébie (CEA)
  • L-224 Reaction Mechanisms For Rocket Motors to Mechanical Threats

    February 2019

    Solid Rocket Motors (SRMs) have been used for decades to propel tactical and ballistic missiles as well as space launchers. The high impulse delivered by today’s solid propellants and their availability mean that they continue to be widely used by the military.

  • L-228 History of Natural Fragmentation Models

    September 2018

    When dealing with the performance of munitions and warheads, the most important parameters to characterize are the mass distribution of fragments and their velocity.
    Christelle ColletDr Ernest BakerMartijn van der Voort
  • L-199 Compendium of Mitigation Technologies for Rocket Motors

    July 2018

    One of the challenges related to munitions safety is to make munitions insensitive to external stimuli (heating, operational threats, etc.) To reduce the violence of response of munitions to Insensitive Munitions threats, several mitigation technologies are used.

    Maud CHENEAU (ENSTA Bretagne)Emmanuel SCHULTZ (MSIAC)
  • L-222 Life Assessment of NC Based Energetic Materials

    June 2018

    Nitrocellulose (NC), with its variable energetic content, solubility with energetic and non-energetic plasticisers, and formation of structural materials, makes it a very versatile material.

    Dr Matthew AndrewsChristelle ColletRebecca Millar (Stokes Fellow 2018)Emmanuel Schultz (Eurenco)
  • O-191 Reaction Mechanisms for Rocket Motors

    April 2018

    Rocket motors are designed to propel payloads towards their final destination by ejecting hot gases through a nozzle. The gases are produced by the combustion of fuel and oxidizers which can be either separated (hybrid combustion) or embedded into each other (gun propellant, propellant grain).

    Christelle Collet