Publications - Propulsion Technology

  • L-268 The Application of Herd Immunity to Munitions Safety

    July 2021

    This report addresses the implications of the presence of both conventional and insensitive munitions (IM) in a national stockpile, and presents theoretical methods to determine a critical amount or fraction of IM that may avoid escalation of accident scenarios (e.g.
    Martijn van der Voort (MSIAC)Christelle Collet (MSIAC)Matt Ferran (MSIAC)Kevin Jaansalu (MSIAC)Wade Babcock (NOSSA)
  • L-269 Review of EMQ Tests - Part 1 Friction

    July 2021

    As with sensitivity to impact, sensitivity to friction is considered part of the basic required information about the small scale sensitivity of energetic materials.
    Christelle Collet (MSIAC)
  • L-266 International Review of ISS Practices

    May 2021

    The present report provides a better understanding on how the MSIAC nations deal with surveillance activities of their munitions stockpile.
    Christelle Collet (MSIAC)
  • L-267 Resonant Acoustic Mixing: Qualification Challenges

    January 2021

    New processing technologies are allowing researchers, industry and academia to probe new materials space not previously achievable.

    Dr Matthew ANDREWS (Former MSIAC)Christelle COLLET (MSIAC)Aurihona WOLFF (ENSTA Bretagne, FRA)Christopher HOLLANDS (MSIAC)
  • L-240 Common Processes Used for Explosives and Propellants

    August 2020

    This report aims to review the traditional processes for the manufacture of explosives and propellants. Depending on the binder percentage, explosives can be pressed, extruded or casted. On the other hand, propellants can only be extruded or casted.
    Aurihona WOLFF (ENSTA Bretagne, MSIAC)Matthew Andrews (MSIAC)Christelle Collet (MSIAC)
  • L-262 TNT Equivalency of Energetic Materials: Review and Best Practices

    July 2020

    When dealing with energetic materials, TNT equivalency is commonly used for different purposes. For scientific purposes, it is a means to compare the explosive effects delivered by different energetic compositions, by expressing them in terms of an equivalent TNT detonation.
    Christelle Collet (TSO Propulsion Technology)Dr Kevin Jaansalu (TSO Materials Technology)Dr Ernest L. Baker (TSO Warhead Technology)Martijn van der Voort (TSO Munition Transport and Storage Safety)