Publications - Munitions Safety, Transport & Storage

  • L-227 Probabilistic Aspects Of Munition Initiation Due To Fragment Impact

    October 2018

    A probabilistic analytic model of initiation for the Insensitive Munitions (IM) Fragment Impact test was developed. The deterministic Jacobs-Roslund detonation initiation model was augmented to include impact point offset and projectile tilt against a curved munition case. This augmenta

    Christiaan Leibbrandt
  • L225 – IEMRM Detailed Programme and abstracts incl Annex E

    September 2018

    MSIAC is organizing a workshop titled “Improved Explosives and Munitions Risk Management” (IEMRM). This workshop seeks to exploit an improved understanding of munitions vulnerability and consequences to deliver improvements in explosives and munitions risk management.

  • L-228 History of Natural Fragmentation Models

    September 2018

    When dealing with the performance of munitions and warheads, the most important parameters to characterize are the mass distribution of fragments and their velocity.
    Christelle ColletDr Ernest BakerMartijn van der Voort
  • O-189 Lifecycle of a Flare Countermeasure

    July 2018

    Traditionally countermeasure flares have been manufactured from a mixture of Magnesium, Teflon® and Viton® (MTV). Unrivalled in their high temperature output, they have protected aircraft for almost 50 years.

    Rebecca Millar, MSIAC Stokes Fellow (2018)
  • L200 - Benefits of IM for Storage and Operations

    September 2017

    A number of deadly ammunition accidents in the sixties and seventies of the last century have triggered the development and use of Insensitive Munitions (IM). Although good progress has been made IM has unfortunately not yet been widely fielded around the world. 

    Martijn van der VoortBenjamin Keefe