Publications - Energetic Materials

  • L-256 A Taxonomy For The Classification Of Defects In Energetic Materials

    April 2020

    Following many discussions and multiple iterations over two years, MSIAC has produced a largely self-consistent taxonomy and lexicon of terms related to defects in energetic materials and munition systems, based on the paradigm of materials science and engineering.
    Matt Ferran (MSIAC)Dr. Matt Andrews (MSIAC)Dr. Kevin Jaansalu (MSIAC)Aurihona Wolff (ENSTA Bretagne)
  • O-214 MSIAC Workshop 2020 Defects - Causes, Classification and Criticality

    October 2019

    Defects in energetic materials or in other materials used in munitions systems are often a cause for concern. This includes voids, cracks, and foreign materials, as well as chemical, physical and or mechanical properties that are outside design tolerance specifications.
  • L-239 IEMRM - Summary of Conclusions

    July 2019

    The Improved Explosives and Munitions Risk Management (IEMRM) workshop was held from 10 to 14 September 2018, at the PCGR Congress Center in Granada, Spain.

    Martijn van der VoortDr Matthew AndrewsChristelle ColletDr Ernest BakerDr Michael Sharp
  • L-232 IEMRM - Focus Area 1B: Applicability of HD assignment to storage

    July 2019

    This document summarizes output from the Applicability of Hazard Division Assignment to Storage Focus Area breakout session of the MSIAC Improved Explosives and Munitions Risk Management workshop held in Granada, 10th to 14th September 2018.

    Dr Matthew Andrews (MSIAC)Martin Pope (MSIAC)John Tatom (APT Research)Patrick Lamy (DGA)
  • O-204 Additive Manufacturing Processes Applied To Energetic Materials

    May 2019

    Additive Manufacturing (AM) started to develop in the early 80’s with many different processes being invented simultaneously. Of these only a few processing techniques have been adapted for the manufacture of Energetic Materials (EM).

    Aurihona Wolff (ENSTA Bretagne, MSIAC)Matthew Andrews (MSIAC)Christelle Collet (MSIAC)
  • L-247 Additive manufacturing for energetic materials

    May 2019

    Additive Manufacturing (AM) started to develop in the early 80’s and has been keeping on evolving ever since. Many different processes were invented simultaneously.
    Aurihona Wolff (ENSTA Bretagne, MSIAC)Matthew Andrews (MSIAC)Christelle Collet (MSIAC)
  • L-230 Chemical Compatibility Test Methods

    May 2019

    This document provides a review of techniques used for compatibility testing of energetic materials. The methods that these techniques employ and how they relate to the chemistry involved are discussed.

    Dr Matthew Andrews
  • L-245 Resonant Acoustic Mixing Applied to Energetic Material

    May 2019

    Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) is an innovative process that provides a homogeneous distributive mixing in a short period of time. RAM is based on the resonance of a platform on which the mix vessel rests.

    Aurihona Wolff (ENSTA Bretagne, MSIAC)Matthew Andrews (MSIAC)Christelle Collet (MSIAC)