• MSIAC Accident Database Exchange (MADx)

    Database tool - Reports

    MADx allows easy searching in over 11,000 accident reports associated with munitions. Information is provided by Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • NIMIC Excel Worksheets on GAp TESts (NEWGATES)

    Database tool - IM DesignSafety Requirements & Assessment

    NEWGATES is a database of common gap test setups and test results. It has been designed to provide scientists and engineers with a comparison tool. 

    NEWGATES has been designed to provide:

  • IM State-of-the-Art (IMSOA)

    Product - IM DesignIM Procurement

    IM State of the Art provides a snapshot of system improvements and IM technology trends that provide benefit to the warfighter. 

  • Cost Benefit Analysis Model (CBAM)

    Database tool - IM Procurement

    Cost Benefit Analysis Model (CBAM) is available to help member Nations calculate the benefits of introducing Insensitive Munitions (IM) into their munitions inventory.

  • Munitions Standards and Safety Database (MSAS)

    Database toolSoftware - Safety Requirements & Assessment

    MSAS is a library of munitions and safety-related International and national standards considered relevant for the munition safety community and which are not classified.

  • Safety Assessment Software Online (SASO)

    Database toolSoftware - Safety Requirements & Assessment

    SASO is an online tool that enables identification and selection of the appropriate policy, design requirements, environmental and other testing requirements from international and national Standards considered appropriate to support the S3 proces

  • Advanced IM Search (AIMS)

    Database toolSoftware - IM Design

    Advanced IM Search is a quick, easy and fully searchable database of IM test results. It is intended to support munitions designers, test centres, IM boards, program managers and munitions suppliers.

  • Mitigation Technologies for Munitions (MTM)

    Database toolSoftware - IM Design

    Mitigation techniques for munitions is a searchable database containing state of the art mitigation technologies with regards to less sensitive storage configurations and insensitive munitions design methods.

  • Energetic Materials Compendium (EMC)

    Database tool - IM Design

    The Energetic Materials Compendium (EMC) is a quick, easy and fully searchable database to access explosive property data on energetic materials. It is intended to support formulation scientists, energetic chemists and warhead designers.