MSIAC Quantity Distance (MQD)

The MQD tool performs an experimentally validated consequence analysis of the accidental initiation of various types and quantities of munitions in various types of magazines, and with possible mitigation measures in place. This includes blast damage to buildings, direct blast injury, thermal effects, as well as hazards from debris and fragments. The results of the MQD tool can be compared with current QD standards for all Hazard Divisions (HD) over the full range of NEQ. This provides insight into which consequences are to be expected at the QDs and informs risk analysis. Also it supports further development of QDs, making use of up to date experimental results. The MQD tool does not deal with mixed storage; it performs calculations for one HD at a time. A software specification document will be issued towards the end of 2019.
It should be noted that the MQD tool has a different objective than a number of existing QD tools (Explosive storage capacity calculator, (N)ASAP-X,  ESS) which are aimed to reproduce QDs provided in guidelines.
Future updates to MQD beyond the current version are planned with:
  • Addition of links to references and pictures with to be expected damage
  • Addition of engineering models for some of the physical effects
  • Addition of QD from AASTP-1 and other documents to compare results

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