Accident Posters

Although the consequences of accidents involving ammunition and explosives can be catastrophic, such accidents are thankfully relatively infrequent occurrences. Unfortunately this means that over time the risks associated with activities involving explosives become normalised; people become over-familiar with inherently hazardous items, which can in the longer term lead to more accidents.
In order to combat this, MSIAC have developed a series of posters providing details of some of the most significant munitions or explosives accidents in history. The intent is that these posters act as a reminder of the importance of practicing explosive safety activities in a vigilant manner, and as such may also be used as an instructional aid.
All posters have been optimised for printing at sizes up to A2. The posters can be downloaded individually by clicking on the images below.
Our thanks to the Australian Directorate of Ordnance Safety for developing the original concept, and for giving us permission to recreate their posters.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
06 Dec 1917
1800 Fatalities, 8000 Injuries
C$35 Million Damages (1917)
Lake Denmark
New Jersey, USA
10 Jul 1926
19 Fatalities, 51 Injuries
US$84 Million Damages (1926)
14 Apr 1944
1,000 -1,500 Fatalities, 4,000 Injuries
US$1 – 1.5 Billion Damages (1944)
Port Chicago
California, USA
17 Jul 1944
320 Fatalities, 390 Injuries
US$10 Million Damages (1944)
USS Mount Hood
Manus Island, PNG
10 Nov 1944
372 Fatalities, 371 Injuries
Unknown Damages
RAF Fauld
Staffordshire, England
27 Nov 1944
70 Fatalities, Unknown Injuries
Unknown Damages
Texas City Harbour
Texas, USA
16 Apr 1947
581 Fatalities, 3000 Injuries
US$100 Million Damages (1947)
20 Dec 1947
9 Fatalities, 20 Injuries
CHF105 Million Damages (1947)
Biên Hòa Air Base
16 May 1965
28 Fatalities, 105 Injuries
Unknown Damages
USS Forrestal
Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam
29 Jul 1967
134 Fatalities, 161 Injuries
US$72 Million Damages (1967)
Camp Doha
12 Jul 1991
3 Fatalities, 56 Injuries
US$40 Million Damages (1991)
15 Mar 2008
26 Fatalities, 300 Injuries
Unknown Damages
Evangelos Florakis Naval Base
01 Jul 2011
13 Fatalities, 62 Injuries
€3 Billion Damages (2011)
Brazzaville Ammunition Depot
Republic of the Congo
04 Mar 2012
250 Fatalities, 2300 Injuries
US$672 Million Damages (2012)
Balakliya Ammunition Depot
Balakliya, Ukraine
23 Mar 2017
1 Fatality, 5 Injuries
Unknown Damages


We would also like to draw your attention to recent accident reports, which you can find here