Energetic Materials Qualification Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been developed to support the Energetic Materials Qualification meeting to be held on 18th-20th June 2019.
A Qualification Decision Tree has been created as part of the questionnaire. This is to collate the current ownership, standards and processes being used for qualification. This is a separate file and can be downloaded here. Completed files can be uploaded at the end of this questionnaire or emailed directly to the Energetic Materials TSO.
This questionnaire will close on 31st May 2019.
General Information
Please note that personal information will not be included in the report.
Point of Contact
Qualification Issues
Requirements for EM Qualification
Relationship of qualification data to other requirements
Qualification Data
Qualification certificates
What level of scrutiny do you apply to data? Accept at face value, use subject matter expert review where required, perform in house tests, complete review and assessment.
What is the scope of applicability/validity of the assessment?
Future challenges
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